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LETTER: ‘Sex and the SUNY’ not appropriate for newspaper

Published: Friday, October 9, 2009

Updated: Thursday, October 8, 2009 19:10


Hello Cardinal Points. I am writing as a concerned, but frequent reader of the newspaper. I will cut to the chase and say that I think that it is disgraceful to have the "Sex and the SUNY" section of our newspaper.

I say "our" because that is exactly what the paper is, OUR school's newspaper.

As I read that article (Friday, Oct. 2 edition), I began to imagine what the parents of all Plattsburgh students would think if they were to read this newspaper — I know mine would certainly not be happy.

I understand that this is not the most traditional campus there is, but I can't help but think that those of us who feel that this is inappropriate were not even taken into consideration when the article was written.

I also understand that the reality is that these incidents do in fact occur on campus, but it's not up to the newspaper who, I might add, is supposed to be representing all of SUNY Plattsburgh, to put these stories in and turn some viewers away.

"If you don't like it, then don't read the paper", some may say. Well yes, I suppose I could read something else, but when this is the newspaper that is speaking on behalf of SUNY Plattsburgh, I think that as a student I should have some sort of say as to what is and is not put in the paper.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that when the ‘Sex and the SUNY' section was not present in the paper, there weren't any complaints about how it is unfair to not be sharing our sex stories with the entire college and other readers of the newspaper. I am simply stating that instead of trying to make the students laugh about what should be considered personal information, lets take into thought that maybe not everyone thinks that this is funny or appropriate.

So finally, I encourage you to stem away from the liberal ideals that surround this campus, and just make an attempt to have a classy newspaper that all readers can enjoy.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter, and I hope my points are taken into consideration at the very least.


Michael Pryor

PSUC Student

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Alumna '05
Mon Nov 22 2010 23:21
Losen up! Yes, it is true that not all students engage in the activity printed in the paper but the fact is that some do. The reality is that there are people that are interested in that section. When I was an editor that section was not in the paper but once a year we did a sex issue. It is education! There are few that need information and will not ask for it. This newspaper is known for the risks it takes and the fact that they don't care!
Thu Nov 11 2010 23:12
Nice post. I agree, can we present SUNY students in a way that shows some dignity and self worth? Sex stories aren't something to broadcast or boast about.
Christian Doran
Thu Nov 11 2010 21:19
Agreed. Thanks Mike.
Sun Apr 4 2010 20:54
why dnt u put ur last name up on here little jimmy?
Fri Oct 23 2009 20:10
Thanks! I'm so scared of this guy!
Oh yeah
Wed Oct 21 2009 01:08
Nice personal attack Jimmy. Brave, brave man on the Internet.
Tue Oct 20 2009 16:32
Sounds like Michael here couldn't get p***y if he had a $100 bill hanging out of his zipper. Cheer up Mikey, I'm sure you can meet a nice fat girl at church next Sunday.
Sat Oct 17 2009 23:19
A college newspaper is a perfect place for a sex column. The problem is, this isn't a sex column and hasn't been for a long time.
Fri Oct 16 2009 18:35
Eric, people were commenting on here having a rationale discussion, and you come along and start insulting people. The only obnoxious comments I have read so far are yours. It's understandable if you don't have the same opinion as someone else, but don't insult them for it.
Mr Peabody
Fri Oct 16 2009 16:50
Eric P,
Deal with it. If you don't like the way parents, who pay the bills for the college to exist, and the CP rag to continue, oh well. Deal with it. LOL, I just reread your point. You crack me up. Obnoxious? Really, Sex is talked about all over the world, but usually by a small group of people, ie. Mom and Dad. It is too bad that the C word comes out so often at PSUC.
Eric P.
Fri Oct 16 2009 00:48
You are all infuriating. Stop letting your parents own your lives - people talk about sex. Deal. with. it. Your obnoxious brand of conservativism is louder than your numbers, oppressive to open discussion, and well... just really obnoxious.
Thu Oct 15 2009 22:55
The people working on this paper have an amazing talent. It is a shame that they have to waste it on such trash. I agree I won' tread this either anymore. BOYCOTT!!!!!!
Thu Oct 15 2009 22:53
I find that this part of the paper is disgusting and shows SUNY Plattsburgh and its students in a bad light. Funny story about this actually. My parents came to visit and my dad picked up the paper that was on my desk. He asked me; "what kind of garbage do they put in this rag"? A rag. Our school's newspaper. I was a little offended, but then again it is true. Ever since this installment in the paper it has become smut and nothing better than that. I will not continue to read the paper until this part is no longer in it.
Wed Oct 14 2009 15:48
You need to loosen up.
Mr Peabody
Sun Oct 11 2009 12:38
perhaps the author of the piece should 'move on' to Playboy or girl and make a name there. CP doesn't need this type of trash in a paper distributed to the local populous.
Alumna '06
Sat Oct 10 2009 22:37
I completely agree with this article. As an alumna who reads Cardinal Points weekly, I do find this section a disgrace to my alma mater. Cardinal Points never used to stoop this low, and I miss the articles that focused on the read issues of the campus and the surrounding area - not crazy sex stories. I also found the article on bar specials disappointing. I don't believe that the paper should be endorsing alcoholism. Students know all about the specials. I still remember them today. There is no need for the paper to encourage students to check out every bar special in town. I know that this is off topic, but I hope that the Cardinal Points staff reads this and takes my comments into consideration as well

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