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X-Rated film made in Plattsburgh

Published: Monday, November 27, 2006

Updated: Friday, October 10, 2008 02:10


The cover of the DVD "College Invasion 10", a porn movie filmed in Plattsburgh.

Upwards of two dozen men - many, possibly all, Plattsburgh State University College students - circle around a megaphone wielding, scantly clad Delilah "Ms. College Invasion" Strong and her posse of porn stars and production crew.

"Does anybody want to f--k tonight?" asks Strong, eliciting even louder screams from the crowd.

It's one of the many - and one of the more G-rated - scenes shown in several trailers for the feature length "College Invasion 10", a porn movie filmed in Plattsburgh some time last winter.

The main trailer shows a wild sex party, apparently held at 177 Broad St., referred to for years by students as the "track house" because many PSUC track and field team members have lived there.

While several track athletes are seen in the trailer, Cardinal Points was not able to discern that any team members engaged in any sexual acts. The paper had ordered the full-length DVD but it had not arrived by Thursday.

The two-hour long film, a product of Shane's World Productions, represents the latest installment in a controversial film series where porn stars travel to colleges around the country to have sex with college fraternity members, athletes and students in general.

"We sort of come as the entertainment," Shane's World Vice President of DVD Sales Megan Stokes said.

Her company looks at the series as documenting, to some extent, real college sex, she said. "This is the things people are doing whether we're there or not," she said.

Their goal is to have customers be able to say "this could be my college," she said.

None the less, the series has brought its share of controversy.

The College Invasion Web site touts that the series has been featured by MTV, CNN, Rolling Stone Magazine, Inside Edition, The O'Reilly Factor, USA Today and Time magazine.

Stokes said parents send their kids to school and the last thing they expect is that they will engage in the sort of sex her company's movies depict. She attributed that as a reason for the media attention the series has received.

Sex "should be something looked at in a positive way and that scares people," she said.

At a California State University school in Chico, a fraternity had its charter suspended after it held a similar party, depicted in "College Invasion 6", according to a United Press International story from March 2005. A school spokesperson said the fraternity had gained its charter back in the last year.

Assistant University Police Chief Jerry Lottie would not offer any comment Thursday. UP first learned of the film Tuesday when Cardinal Points called its office seeking comment.

Dean of Students Steve Matthews also learned of the movie from Cardinal Points on Tuesday. Matthews said at that time his position made it inappropriate for him to comment. He could not be reached by Cardinal Points Thursday.

A track team member had contacted Cardinal Points Tuesday and said he was willing to represent the team in an anonymous interview with the newspaper. He never showed up for the interview and could not be reached by Thursday afternoon.

Expect coverage of "College Invasion 10" to continue in coming issues of Cardinal Points.

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